Dr. Salim Ali Memorial Nature Club (SAMNC)

Save Nature, Secure Future  

  1. Providing environmental education to the rural/urban people to create awareness about protection, preservation and conservation of their environment and natural resources.
  2. Conservation and preservation of environmentally vulnerable natural heritage sites which are not covered under the federal and the state government programs.
  3. Taking out lease of the government owned lands for development and utilization of wastelands by undertaking activities such as community plantation and development of nursery.
  4. Pursuing programs related to protect and extend biological diversity (flora and fauna) and assisting in programs undertaken by both government and non-governmental organization in this regard.
  5. Organizing mass movement against any individual or community action that would lead to destruction of natural environment and biological diversity
  6. Establishing partnership and exchanging technological know-how with national and international organizations involved with conservation and development of forest, environment and biological diversity.  
  7. Organizing workshop, meetings and talks about conservation of forest and environment for people.
  8. Assisting the organizations with identical objectives as that the Society as well as establishing branches of the society to expand its activities.
  9. Promoting the concept of wildlife friendly eco-tourism.
  10. Creating awareness and spreading concepts about alternate and renewable energy sources among the people.
  11. Promoting conservation of ground and rain water resources and creating public awareness about importance of such conservation.