Dr. Salim Ali Memorial Nature Club (SAMNC)

Save Nature, Secure Future  

World environment day June 5

"Paryavaran Vahini" / "Eco-Brigade"

Indian Environment and Wild life Protection foundation who has been working under the aegis of “Dr. Salim Ali Memorial Nature Club” for many years, elaborately celebrated “World Environment Day” on 5 June in Delhi and its adjoining states with the cooperation of its volunteer children and common people .



The Vice President of SAMNC Mr. Anirudha has formed ParyavaranVahini” in Delhi and other states. “Paryavaran Vahini” will work towards spreading the importance of Environmental awareness and protection amongst the public at large.



On the occasion, SAMNC`s “Paryavaran Vahini” carried out trees plantation in Jorapur, Mukundpur, Narela, Buradi, Najafgarh, Bavana and other villages. The Secretary of the club Mr. Awdhesh Kumar Sharma, who is an avid bird watcher and an Environmentalist, spoke at length on the importance of World Environment Day and the activities of the Organization. He said that whole world is passing through a phase of severe environmental imbalance. The world in its race for prosperity, blindly cut down trees, mined down mountains, hunted down wild birds and animals, polluted the rivers, exhausted the mineral deposits. He blamed that population explosion, expansion of cities, industrialization etc. has added to the global warming, lack of rain, falling of water table, expansion of deserts, diminishing greenery, extinction of rare species, and because of all this Earth quakes, Tsunami, Draught, Epidemics like great problems have been brought about. Mr. Awdhesh has advised the government not to make Delhi and surrounding places especially Aravali mountain areas a dump yard for garbage and to protect the greenery around this periphery. He requested the Delhites and the Govt. of Delhi to:



1.     Conserve energy by the use of C.F.L. at home; avoid use of more electricity consuming equipments in houses.

 2.     Use Potable water carefully. As water level is diminishing from 100 to 400 feet below, use minimum ground water.

 3.     Keep Delhi clean, household waste should not be thrown outside, biodegradable and Non-biodegradable wastes to be kept in separate waste bin so that it could be recycled easily.

 4.     Keep Delhi lush green, in the house and surrounding places by planting good flowering plants, shade giving  and fruit bearing trees and conserve them.

 5.     Govt. is requested that recycling plant for recycling of waste material and waste water be at a distance from the populated area so that people are saved from pollution and diseases.

 6.     In order to keep the river and drain, surroundings and neighborhood clean. People should come forward with voluntary services. 



"Van Mahotsav" July 1~7 Tree plantation during Monsoon season