Dr. Salim Ali Memorial Nature Club (SAMNC)

Save Nature, Secure Future  

  1.  Public awareness campaign


  1. Delivering talks and stablishing eco-clubs at schools and colleges.
  2. Organizing public debates and seminars.
  3. Organizing exhibitions.
  4. Publishing articles in newspapers and magazines.
  5. Spreading awareness through TV and radio programs.



  1. Research, monitoring and survey


  1. Conducting survey of the migratory aquatic birds during winter season.
  2. Preparing bird inventory for different places.
  3. Conducting annual wildlife census.
  4. Investigating about killing of migratory birds.


  1. Conservation and learning activities


  1. Nature camp.
  2. Bird watching camp.
  3. Study tour
  4. Coordination with police and forest departments
  5. Developing nursery of medicinal plants.
  6. Conservation of natural heritage sites.